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Friday, June 7, 2019

Real estate investment in Egypt

Many investors and businessmen seek to invest their money in the Egyptian real estate market, through which profits are generated to help them develop their various projects. The investor in the Egyptian real estate sector should be aware of many of the internal and external factors that affect the real estate climate.

Real estate investment is considered one of the most successful investments in the world, especially the Arab Republic of Egypt. Real estate investment in Egypt is witnessing great changes in terms of movement and development. Real estate investment is no longer confined to businessmen and investors. To increase demand.

The State has also helped investors, businessmen and themselves by opening new investment fronts in the real estate sector by adopting real estate projects such as low-income housing, youth housing and other new urban communities in desert areas.

Many investors prefer to invest their money in the real estate sector from other sectors such as the gold market and the stock exchange because these investments are linked to international prices and the dollar price, but the real estate investment is linked to the internal conditions of the country, and the provision of the government of that country to help increase investments and attract heads Money to create a successful and profitable real estate market.

The liberalization of the exchange rate of the dollar has played a major role in attracting investors to the Egyptian real estate market, which witnessed a boom in price increases, prompting investors to buy land and housing units to convert it into real estate investment. The real estate market in Egypt is experiencing a boom and price rise, For school holidays and the completion of marriage in the summer.

The State has developed the infrastructure of the country from the development of the road network and all the facilities needed by the investor for the success of his investment projects in the real estate sector.

The real estate investment is one of the best types of investment in Egypt and in the Arab world as a result of what this sector achieves from big profits, And has been associated with many sectors of service, commercial and industrial, and the State launched several giant national projects, which has been the introduction of international partners, and developers have contributed to the modernization of real estate marketing in Egypt.

The Egyptian State has provided many new areas for real estate investment. The choice of these areas was based on the idea of ​​exploiting the Sahara and alleviating the population congestion in Greater Cairo and other governorates and working to provide all the facilities and services needed by the real estate sector.

The fifth assembly area is considered one of the most important real estate investment areas in Egypt due to its unique design which combines the eastern style with the western style. The new Cairo is a real estate project in Egypt. Sports clubs and places of worship.

In order to achieve a successful real estate investment, the investor must be fully aware of the rules and laws of the Egyptian real estate market and abide by them. It is also necessary to know the economic and social conditions surrounding Egypt to find out the investment opportunities available in it and to know the real estate prices available in the Egyptian real estate market so that it can achieve the desired profits from the investment In this important sector, which the government supports and cares about.

Dubai Asset Management in partnership with "Hi Geets"

Dubai Asset Management sweeps short-term rental market in partnership with Hi Geets

Dubai Asset Management, a subsidiary of Dubai Holding, has revealed that it has invaded the short-term rental market in partnership with Hi Geets in the UAE capital, Dubai, which specializes in leasing residential units and properties in a short period of time.

The UAE capital has witnessed a significant rise in the holiday rental market due to the regulatory environment and increased need for more flexibility and housing units, especially as Dubai continues to attract international talent with its keenness to strengthen its position as a leading tourist city.

Dubai holiday homes account for 2% of the total number of residential units in Dubai, and this is the highest percentage of its kind among the major cities in the world. Dubai is witnessing a continuous increase in demand in the short-term rental market as a result of the Expo 2020 Which brings the city to receive many visitors participating in the exhibition, which is the number of visitors nearly 17 million visitors add to the city plan to host 25 million visitors with the advent of 2025

Projects of Dubai Asset Management Company

Dubai Asset Management Company is a part of Dubai Holding Company in the UAE and evaluates several real estate projects in Dubai such as Al Khail Gate, Rehab Residences, Lian, Nazil, Shrouq, Al Ghuwab, Al Quoz Residences and Residential Units for rent in Dubai, Wharf and Remaram.

Hi Geets Projects in Dubai:

Hi Geets is one of the leading leasing companies in Dubai for 3 years and currently operates more than 200 residential units in key locations in Dubai including Palm, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai and Dubai International Financial Center.

The company also offers short-term residential units in some cities around the world, such as Mumbai, India and Barcelona. The company has achieved a 30% rate of revenue over traditional rents as a result of its technology-based operating model and the company's great experience in revenue management and dynamic daily pricing policy.

Company Hi Geets has registered about 600 housing units in the "Dubai's Wharf" project and established residential units more than 2,000 guests from different nationalities such as the United States, Europe, China and the GCC countries and thus exceeded the occupancy rate of about 70%.

The company's online platform has provided innovative services for guests and visitors of the company similar to what they expect from five-star hotels.

The revival of the short term rental market in Dubai

The short-term rental market has rebounded in Dubai as it is one of the world's leading tourist cities attracting more than 10 million visitors a year because it has many modern architectural features such as Burj Dubai and a number of shopping areas And entertainment in the city.

The increase in the number of visitors, both business and leisure, has led to an increase in the demand for short-term housing units, as a result of the emergence of a number of real estate companies and real estate agencies renting their residential units to visitors, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Dubai has a number of short-term rental units, starting with comfortable studios, apartments and luxury beachfront villas.

Saudi Arabia offer land for sports investments

Saudi Arabia launches land for investment in sports sector

The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has tended to offer a number of sports complexes, whether old or existing, in a number of Saudi cities to leasing to the private sector during the coming period
The ministry explained that the development of buildings is responsible for the investment portfolio, where the sports land is determined to invest by offering to rent to the private sector and develop them and convert them to facilities with better use instead of the current situation, according to the newspaper.

The Saudi Ministry of Education aims to rent its lands for investment in sport

The plan is the second investment plan undertaken by the Saudi Ministry of Education following the presentation of its buildings in excess of the need for leasing to investors in the field of private education in order to strengthen relations and the participation of investors in the public education sector in the Kingdom.

The Ministry has sought to launch the project to rent its land in excess of its need in some cities in which a number of public schools have a number of investors in order to encourage and support businessmen to invest in the public education sector and access to educational buildings with high quality specifications that contribute to achieving qualitative and quantitative change Desired for this sector.

The move coincides with the adoption by the Ministry of Education of the design of public school designs in the Saudi capital Riyadh. A new strategy has been developed by BDC to become the first choice for investors in the field of foreign and private schools.

The service seeks to provide integrated services, modern technologies and high quality solutions that meet the aspirations and needs of its customers, enhance flexibility, achieve integration and establish its leading position in linking services between investors and all parties in accordance with the basic standards.
This service aims to achieve the ideal value for investors and high efficiency and establish its leading role in achieving social and economic development and achieve an attractive work culture and successful results in a short period of time.

The ministry explained that it has created a new unit whose task is to manage a plan that implements the terms of the resolution and adopts designs, restricting and gathering information and evidence through the integrated portal on its website, and setting up workshops in coordination with the committee of private education in the Council of Saudi Chambers and the competent authorities in the ministry to identify the requirements and identify the challenges Faced with the aim of beginning to develop design standards for the construction of educational buildings for all educational stages.

The Ministry has prepared a manual to clarify the minimum standards for the design of buildings of foreign and domestic education schools and the procedures required for their adoption, organization and facilitation of service to investors in the foreign and national education sector. It also defines the mechanism of approving the designs of educational buildings such as the standards of educational spaces, student space and services that help increase the efficiency of buildings in achieving their function And the speed of the process of auditing and accreditation of high quality to support the investor and achieve the goal of the vision of the Kingdom 2030 is to raise the quality and efficiency of education in Saudi Arabia.

It is worth mentioning that the Saudi Ministry of Education has put about 115 land owned by investors in the field of private education sector and foreign in 16 cities in the Kingdom of these cities, Jeddah, Medina, Abha, Makkah, Jizan, Ahsa, Hail and Sabia and the Eastern Province and Riyadh to lease to investors contracts with a long period of time up to 20 years.

 The number of land offered for leasing in Riyadh was about 22% of the total land offered for leasing to investors in the field of education. The area of ​​this land ranges from 4000 to 10,000 meters for the establishment and operation of all schools and educational complexes.